The Legacy of Sri L. V. Prasad and his films have helped many filmmakers shape their values and commitment to cinema as a true Indian Family entertainment medium. During his working days he would often express the desire to develop more knowledgeable and technically skilled filmmakers in order to make cinema truly meaningful. In recognition of his great contribution to cinema the Dadasaheb Phalke award was conferred on him in 1983. The dream of Sri L.V. Prasad has come alive when the Academy opened its doors to young aspirants wanting to realize their creative dreams in the world of Film and Television.

At the Academy, students get to work with Red MX Cameras and Panavision Genesis along with HDV and P2 HD camera equipment from Sony and Panasonic.. The sound rooms are equipped with 5.1 Pro tools and Soundscape systems with independent voice chambers. Nonlinear Avid / FCP systems equip the editing student with the wherewithal to enter the professional world.

With two sprawling campus's in Chennai and Trivandrum, students aspringg to be filmmakers will find the ideal atmosphere to develop their skills and aesthetics. A highly trained faculty mentors students through two year courses in : Direction, Cinematography, Editing & Sound Recording.

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